Spring = Maintenance Season on the Tahoe!


Every year we take as much time as we can to work on the "Tahoe" and get her looking beautiful for the season. While the integrity of the of the boat remains excellent (built to Lloyd's of London specifications) wood boats require a significant amount of maintenance and TLC. The job is never done!

On top of this annual maintenance, we have our annual Coast Guard inspections. We are often asked about the Coast Guard and their involvement with inspecting commercial vessels and here is some information on the process...

Any commercial vessel carrying more than six paying passengers is required to be inspected by the US Coast Guard. They visually inspect the boat, test all safety systems and require the crew perform a "man overboard" drill while the boat is underway. The Coast Guard brings in a specially trained team from San Francisco for the inspections. Furthermore, every five years these vessels have to be hauled out of the water so that the Coast Guard may do an even more thorough inspection below the water line. Our vessel "Tahoe" has just successfully completed her five year inspection! Thanks to our hardworking team, and endless coats of varnish, she is looking better than ever and ready to go back in the water!

We will be ready to start cruising any day now! Schedule a cruise with Cruise Tahoe to take advantage of this beautiful early season weather!